Mama Jen Blends: Witches Brew

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if you DIDNT know, know you do- I run another business where I teach people about emotions, energy, astrology, crystals, and all the things.

During a coaching session, I came up with this blend- and it has been a crowd favourite for 3 years and running

I shared it again recently and was asked “why these oils?” enough times, that I wanted to share, in depth- WHY these oils help us all FEEL AMAZING

I make a big batch of this as my body oil , FYI. you can scale it up or down.

This is a great blend if you feel like you are extra sensitive to people, places or things that have a negative feel.

I named it witches brew BECAUSE, magic is just science we don’t yet understand! For all of documented human history- men & women who understood things that science cannot explain were called- WITCHES.

The herbal healing masters- the intuitive folks that everyone turned to in a crisis- singled out for knowing “more than they should”.

The TRUTH is that science is constantly confirming the things us “witches” know- IT IS REAL.

Our bodies are intuitive, our minds are capable of “knowing” more than we understand. Applied Kinesiology, meditation, yogi, chakras- all pointing to the energetic and electric body.

One day it will be documented fact. Until then, we trust what we know!

This blend keeps you from feeling too much of other people’s energy- while awakening in YOU the trust in YOUR intuition.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is used in this blend for it’s ability to open our minds to areas that are blocked by FEAR. sometimes anxiousness is an alert system warning us of danger. Sometimes, it is an old pattern of trauma that we need to release. Either way- Black Pepper helps to get at what is REALLY behind that anxiousness.


I often get asked whether Indian or Hawaiian sandalwood is better in this preparation and to be honest: it doesn’t matter. The chemistry is similar- and the energetic attributes are unchanging in either oil. Sandalwood is a sacred tree in many cultures, used to tap in to the divine universal energy in all things. Helpful in Meditation and Prayer time- the components of this oil help us to RELEASE THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL . Through God all things are possible. This component reminds us to look for the miracles. Look for where we can transform fear into LOVE.


Oh, lavender. How we love thee. So so so many clinical uses, this oil gets used as a work horse so often, I fear we forget it’s divine ability to open up the channels of COMMUNICATION. Communication in all forms. With our own minds- it brings clarity when we are overwhelmed. Lavender also brings clarity in meditation and prayer- and when faced with a lot of energy from other people. If you get overwhelmed in a crowd, this blend helps you focus in on what is FOR YOU- and lets the rest become background noise.

Clary Sage

INTUITION. What is that word? What does it mean? ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE INTUITIVE. As babies, we come to this world as pure, vulnerable intuitive beings. We go towards what feels good. We cry when things feel not good. We seek comfort. Along the way our sensors get dulled- but the ability to sense what is good and what is not good remains. Clary Sage helps to clean those rusted up emotional sensors so that we can start to FEEL our way through life again.


Life is busy. Modernity tells us that we can spend all day surfing an imaginary wave of technology made real. The world wide web has us connected IN AN INSTANT to all knowledge known to mankind. In this space we tend to become invested in things FAR OUTSIDE OF OUR CONTROL AND INFLUENCE. Patchouli pulls that awareness all the way back in to our body’s cells so that we can focus on WHERE OUR FEET ARE.



On Guard is known as the protective blend. It has a mixture of clove, wild orange, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus.

This blend is the protector of all things. Our immune system, our minds, our energy. There is just a real truth that not everyone you meet will have your best intentions in mind. This mix helps you to ward off the unwanted and attract the pure and sincere.

I TOLD YOU it is an amazing blend. I soak in it in the bath. I lather it on as body oil. I diffuse it. The blend in the image above is for a 10ml rollerball.

To diffuse-

3 black pepper

2 sandalwood

3 lavender

3 clary sage

1 patchouli

1 onguard

To add to the bath:

do one drop of each component into 1 tablespoon of Olive oil. Add Olive oil to epsom salts, then add salts to warm water.

To make body oil:

in 4 oz container, combine:

20 black pepper

14 sandalwood

16 lavender

16 clary sage

8 Patchouli

2 Onguard

Fill with Jojoba Oil

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