Not counting the most obvious: oxygen, your body needs water more than any other substance, including food. You need water to SURVIVE. It is wise to make sure you are getting the bare minimum of EIGHT to TEN 8-ounce glasses


How does drinking water help your liver?

  • aids in digestion – the regular intake of water helps to keep digestion FLOWING. When digestion is flowing, there is less back up on the liver.
  • assists in the removal of waste – this prevents toxins from accumulating and burdening the liver
  • thins the blood –this makes it easier for the liver to filter.

What are the most important times to be intentional about water intake?

  1. Upon waking up – this activates the internal organs: liver included. This gives a morning flush to all the circulating toxins. Make sure your first beverage is NOT coffee! My routine is to take 1 TERRAZYME with a full glass of water before that morning coffee!
  2. Before a meal – Drinking water before a meal helps prepare the stomach for food by stimulating digestive enzymes and bile production, which lightens up the workload of the liver.
  3. Prior to and following physical activity – when you are working out and being active- you are giving your lymphatic system a big flush. All of those muscles working together to get the lymph flowing also serves to get the stagnant junk out of our bodies. Without enough water, we end up overloaded and backed up. This includes symptoms of swollen lymph and endocrine glands.
  4. Before bed – Did you know that our bodies detox WHILE we sleep? Yes! Our bodies are working all the time to take care of our detoxification needs, that includes while you are off in dream land. Drinking a glass of water before bed aides in this process.


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