The Important Role of Meditation

The Important Role of Meditation

Definition of meditate

meditated; meditating

intransitive verb

1: to engage in contemplation or reflection

  • He meditated long and hard before announcing his decision.
2: to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness
transitive verb

1: to focus one’s thoughts on : reflect on or ponder over

  • He was meditating his past achievements.

2: to plan or project in the mind : intend, purpose 

  • He was meditating revenge.



Meditation in the Everyday Life

I meditate at least 20 minutes every single day. I find that it is imperative for LIFE. However, my ways of meditating are far less dogmatic and look WAY different than most examples of meditation.

Taking 5 minutes before I walk into he grocery store to center my breath and deepen my awareness allows me to function better, with a clear mindset. Taking 15minutes of meditation before I start my work day allows me to show up in a calm manner.

Before establishing this habit, I would often arrive to the end of my day EXHAUSTED and depleted. Then I had to focus on excessive amounts of self care, or frequently, I shut down.

That cycle is a vicious and not conducive to expansion. Meditation has open doors to ways of being that I once thought impossible or fake.


My Easy Mediation


Oh, but we love to complicate things! I wish I could say that I have a great book for you to read, or a great shop for you to get a good meditation pillow from…. or even pictures of my meditation altar.

The truth is I have done ALL of those things. I had a meditation altar in our bedroom when we had our first daughter 12.5 years ago, and when she was 2 she could “properly” meditate. However, that is an idealistic and ritualistic form of meditation that is not easily integrated into your day life.

This sets us up to “need” to be in a peaceful situation before being able to get centered. This is not how meditation should work!

The goal is to pull the world of chaos into YOUR world of calm. Not to get into a calm world and pull that calm into your chaos to cleanse it.

The true goal of meditation, in my very humble opinion, is to practice often and in every environment so that it becomes second nature. Our modern society is SO alert and overstimulated- there is truly very little time and space to be away from the hustle- so we HAVE to adapt.

The Technique I use:

No matter where I am, no matter how loud it is, and no matter what sort of trigger is happening, I can sink into this meditation rather quickly. These are my steps:

1. Close your eyes.
One day, you will be able to do this eyes open. It is phenomenal because it allows me to meditate while seemingly still
being awake and alert in tense situations.

2. Complete a cycle of 3 deep breaths, doing nothing else mentally but focusing on the expansion and deflation of your
abdomen. Make these breaths COUNT.

3. Visualize your mental space as a blank canvas. Some people like to visualize this as a complete white space, some
visualize it as a complete black space. You can visualize this blank canvas in anyway you wish.

4. As you visualize this empty canvas, stay mindful of your breath. If any tension comes up in any part of your body, thank
it for speaking to you and move your attention back to your breath. If any visions or visuals show up in your canvas
thank them for showing up and allow them to be surrounding by a glowing white light and watch them float away.
Always thank what shows up and allow those things to float away.

5. REMEMBER this is a process. You will eventually get to a point where you will have an empty mind. You will easily sink
into mediation and have nothing come into your mind space. HOWEVER, it is unrealistic to go from experiencing life as
a 24/7 experience with NO meditation or brain dumping into a state of nothingness for 20 minutes. Your brain is FULL.
It will need to be slowly unloaded. Expect to get longer periods of deep meditation as you learn to meditation more
and more often.


Ok, OK, I will give you some good links and books and a fun place to get pillows too!

The Book of Awakening

The Way Under the Way

Wherever You Go, There You Are

10% Happier


Think UP


The Mindfulness App



Meditation Pillows and Fun Altar things:

Zafu Pillows 

Traditional Falsa Blankets are my favorite thing to put UNDER the pillows. I layer them for thickness. Sometimes I put these blankets in layers over a yoga mat and lay down.

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