Reclaiming the Art of the Moon Ritual: New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio is a time for setting intentions, not just for the month ahead, but for the next six months. Here is a ritual to get your preparation started!


What is the New Moon?

In Astronomy, the New Moon is the DARK moon, when the Sun and Moon are aligned, with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides of the Moon. The New Moon is invisible from Earth. At New Moon, the Sun, the Moon, and Earth are in alignment, technically known as a Syzygy.

This is the dark moon, when people tend to get a little antsy. We use the moon for light at night, and when it is dark, it feels ominous.

This is actually a beautiful moon phase, where we get a break in intensity and a chance to set out intentions for the next lunar cycle.




The Astrological sign of Scorpio gets a really intense reputation. Mighty, passionate, fierce, loyal…. all true. Scorpio is the phoenix that rises from the ashes. The Scorpio is also fluid, a water sign, can seep in deep- through the cracks and in-between the gravel and dirt. Nourishing. This is not a sign that shies away from the shadows, in fact, Scorpio seeks them out. When the New Moon is in Scorpio, there is no lying to yourself. If your intentions are not true, Scorpio will laugh and toss them back at you…then reach deeper into your soul.


New Moon Intention Setting Ritual



1. Get Grounded & Centered:

Grow your boundaries and visualize your body surrounded in light. Take as many deep breaths as required to steady your heart rate.

  • Burn Sage & Palo Santo
  • Light Candles
  • Get a blanket or cushion to get more comfortable

2.  Use Your Oils:

Cypress: this is the oil for motion and flow, cleansing and



Clary Sage: excellent for our intuition and increasing our

emotional connections to our intentions.


Tangerine: the oil of creativity, you want those creative

juices flowing as you create the intentions you want.


3. Write Your Heart Out:

Get it all out. If you feel like you are experiencing writer’s block:

  • Write a list of at least 20 things you are grateful for and dig into each of them. Why are you grateful? What about it?
  • Evaluate the last week:
    Where was there tension?
    What angered me?
    Where were there opportunities to invite more patience in?
    Where were there opportunities to invite more lOVE IN?
    What circumstances invited me to grow and stretch?
  • What will you do?
    How will you take steps towards fulfilling your intentions?
    What activities will you commit to?
  • What is sacred to you?
  • What do you need more of?
  • When was that last time you did something creative? How did it feel?
  • Where can you be more creative?
  • What are your interests?
  • What WERE your interests? Before life got “in the way” (before you reprioritized your life)


4.  Write a Short Version of Your Intentions

After you get it all out, you will want to write out, clearly and succinctly,

your intentions. This shorter version should conjure up all sorts of
visuals. It should be clear in your mind’s eye.


5.   Read it Aloud

      This part may make you the most uncomfortable! Now is the time to
speak your intentions out INTO THE WORLD. This may seem pointless, as
you may be all alone in your corner of the world. However, if you have
named intentions that you struggle to SPEAK with conviction, you are not
yet connected up to your words.

Read it aloud at least 5 times, or as many times as it takes to get some
umph into your words.


Tips for Powerful Intention Setting




Make it Special

Engage the senses at every turn. Have essential oils in the diffuser. Use pretty writing utensils. Add wash tape to your page. Make this an EVENT.
Burn delicious, natural candles. Listen to music that gives you chills. Take a bath first, soak in that tub and dream. Massage your body with frankincense and jojoba oil after your bath and make your body feel sacred.


Engage the HEART

This is the most important part of the new moon intention setting ritual. Making sure that you have clarity on what you want, from your heart’s point of view. When we are visualizing our intentions, we need to be able to truly feel what it will FEEL like when it comes to fruition.

The new moon is also the best time to invite more LOVE in to your life. Into your heart. If you are in a relationship, invite more love into it. If you are not in  relationship, this is the time to get REALLY clear on what you want and how you want to feel in a relationship.

The heart fills with creativity and the new moon is ripe with possibility. Our human minds need creative outlets. Whether you like to blog, knit, draw, paint, bake, cook, journal, etc… the intention to invite more of that creativity in is now.


Abundance Focused Intentions, Not Goals

Now is NOT THE TIME to wish away things. That is a different lunar phase, and you will be wishing upstream with that energy.

Instead, this is the time where we get very focused on abundance and use positive language. An example of this is weight. We do not set the intention to lose weight. “Lose 15pounds” is a goal focused on shedding.

The new moon is a time for dreaming and engaging the heart, it is in this time that we activate all the senses as we name our hearts desire.

“I will increase in strength every day, my outer appearance will match my inner radiance in every way”

THAT is an intention that invites in LOVE. FEELING. VISUALS.



If this is your first time getting in to intention setting, lean in. Start with one or two intentions, and make them very clear.

You want your energy placed solidly behind two clear intentions, so that it feels different than your overwhelming laundry list of things you need to do in life. Or, if you live wildly- go for ten!




Cleanse This Space Spray

in an 8oz glass spray bottle:

7 drops Frankincense

7 drops Clary Sage

7 drops Siberian Fir
1/4 tsp of Himalayan Sea Salt

Fill with water (distilled is best)

Spray around your space to raise the vibrations and clear negativity.

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