Maybe labradorite fell straight out of the Aurora Borealis… maybe it didn’t. Either way, it is a powerfully charged stone that supports healers as they awaken to their intuitive gifts. It is a member of the Feldspar family, known for its dull appearance that shimmers and shines when you move it around in the light. Asking us to get in touch with movement and change perspectives often.

I have been thinking about Labradorite a lot lately, especially as we have been in Scorpio, my astrological sign. Scorpio is a water sign, and scorpios carry that transmutational energy of the phoenix. Of the person who rallies and lifts themselves out of despair with magical abilities pulled from the sun, sea and soil itself. Labradorite carries so many similar traits.

As Scorpio dwells and thrives in the deeper waters, where others shy away, she whispers, “Things arent always what they seem.”


“If we change the way we look at things- the things we look at change.” -Wayne Dyer


THE Science Side

Feldspar minerals make up about 41% of the earths continental crust. They crystallize from magma as veins in rocks. Labradorite is triclinic, which means it has the INNER structure of a trapezium. Which means, NO right angles.

This gets into the realm of physics and piezoelectricity, so if that is a high school/college trigger- take a deep breath and stay with me. ? Some crystals conduct energy, some amplify it, some can twist and bend it. We see this in use in compasses, watches, TVs, space heaters etc etc.

The triclinic structure has the ability to give out MORE piezoelectricity than what is put in. In plain terms, it amplifies it.

We use this energetically to amplify our energy systems. Since, you know- we are highly electrical beings…




The Energetic Side

There are quite a few well-known attributes of labradorite:

  • transformation
  • water element
  • increases intuition
  • enhances our creativity
  • soothes our hearts
  • connected to Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

It engages the upper chakras: the throat, the third eye and the crown. These are where our heart energy take shape in the way of words, thoughts and beliefs. THIS is an EXCELLENT crystal to have with you while you are creating the New Moon Intentions! It carries the energy of manifestation, is almost HEAVY with the possibilities it holds.

When I am working with an energy client, I often have them use Helichrysum to seal their aura- to prevent their energy from “leaking” out through cracks. Labradorite feels, energetically, very similar.

Labradorite takes what you have an amplifies it, mirrors it, puts a shimmer to it. It asks you to hold up what you are thinking or believing and look at it in 32 different angels, in different light sources, take it outside and look at it in the sun… and then again under the moon.

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