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Where have you let the demands of others stop you from loving yourself?

and don’t you dare go blaming your kids, your jobs, your spouses or partners- because that creates an awful lot of negative associations for them. Mamas do that often right? We put ourselves on the back burner because these little humans NEED us. and they do. for everything sometimes. 

But somewhere, you have 30seconds to remind yourself “I am Enough” “I am love” 

Set a reminder on your phone. It takes very little time to LOVE YOURSELF.

Love yourself stinky. Love yourself when your house is trashed. Love yourself when you are mad, bad and dangerous to know. 

Just start trusting that you are enough, and each moment is ENOUGH. Keep choosing that decision.

Love yourself the way you would love your best friend, if they called you up feeling this way. ??


Humans crave ritual. Call it scheduling, call it habit. But humans NEED to have some idea of what to expect. It allows our mind to stop controlling and RELAX. 

Think of a rhythmic song and how it lulls you to sleep with its predictable patterns.

I want you all to add ONE RITUAL to your life that will take 2 min- but will enhance your CONNECTION TO YOUR PHYSICAL FORM TENFOLD.

I want you to make a self love ritual body oil.

each day- as you apply the oil, every day- choose one part of your body to love on a little EXTRA for a full 60seconds. Apply the body oil and focus on the part of your body that houses your beautiful soul. Thank ALL THOSE CELLS for holding it together.

document the thoughts that come up!

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