INTIMACY:: Self Love : Awareness

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Self Love: Intimacy 101

Day 4: How are you?


Are your feelings valid? How often are you HONEST about how you are?


it is the safest place to be vulnerable- sometimes, if I feel
extra raw, I speak it into a voice note and then delete- just to get it OUT.

Remember- the key is to keep reaching for the next best emotion- sometimes anger is more actionable than fear. KEEP GOING.


In a 5ml rollerball, add the following and top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil ❤️this is an aromatic, perfume blend.

the ratios are high as this is to be used on pulse points. to dilute this more- use same drops but put in a 10ml roller- or cut all quantities in half. ?

-10 patchouli
-8 grapefruit
-4 coriander
-1 cardamom
-1 douglas fir
-8 bergamot
-1 ylang ylang
-1 geranium

patchouli is grounding and helps with body contentment,

grapefruit fosters respect for the self, body exceptance, and a healthy relationship with what nourishes us

Coriander helps you to be true to yourself, trust your inner guidance, trust your uniqueness and gives you integrity.

Cardamom helps with self-control and mental sobriety.

Douglas fir gives you wisdom. helps you to learn from the past, the oil of generational healing.

Bergamot promotes optimism, confidence, feeling lovable and hopeful. You are good enough.

Ylang Ylang is heart healing, promotes joy, and allows you to be accepting of yourself.

Geranium is the oil of emotional healing! Helps you to be trusting, gentle and open!

add a quartz chip to amplify!

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