Intimacy: Self Love 101

Day One

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Today we are talking about the first step in living an intimate life.


Getting to know ourselves and what we actually enjoy is a great first step. In all relationships, we are better able to serve and receive love if we show up WHOLE.

otherwise we show up looking for others to fill in our gaps, validate us, and complete us.

true intimacy is the integration of four types of intimacy: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. We will be talking more about each aspect as the month expands.

However, as we get into SELF LOVE this first week, we start by asking questions like, “do you know where you stand emotionally? mentally? spiritually? and physically? Are you intimate with your self in these areas? Or are you hiding from even your own mind?”

If you are ready to dig in…. and quite honestly even if you are NOT- Listen to the mini podcast and complete today’s assignment. Wherever you go, there you are- best to just START loving yourself today.

TODAY’s Diffuser Blend:

5 lime (joy)

3 spearmint (clarity)

2 patchouli (energetic grounding)

1 roman chamomile (divine path)

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