Full Moon Musings


Full Moon Musings

Here in Michigan, our moon will be full at around 1:23a.m. and I am in full acceptance mode for all this beautiful moon is bringing!


November is my birthday month, and I am quite fond of all things Scorpio; we are an elusive breed. Scorpio is the sign of “I desire”, and that is almost never followed by “to stay at the surface”.

This Full Moon is a time of deep diving to get to the very bottom of things, to uproot and unearth what is lurking.  This particular moon is urging us to make a decision and take responsibility for our actions. We will reap what we sow, so choose your thoughts wisely!

Because Mercury is in Scorpio, our deep diving gets a more intense and probing edge. We seek the TRUTH in this full moon, whatever that may be. This moody and intense period is saved by two things, Mars and Venus are in Libra. This puts the focus on romance and emotion, also makes us less of an interrogating bad cop, and more of a charming inquisitive lover.

This is a HIGH energy period; I invite everyone to take a moment and welcome the FULL MOON energy of the weekend into their lives!

We are ready to deep dive, to learn all that is holding us back, and to choose LOVE.




Full Moon Ritual

  1. Get yourself some smudge [amazon_link asins=’B00FZW40O0′ template=’ProductLink-here’ store=’theoiltroop-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’10b1ae4e-c258-11e7-96ff-79d56f1c4ec8′] and clean the energy of your space.
    Not only does this cleanse and raise the vibration of the air, but it is also the physical manifestation of your intention to clear the air of any residual energy left from arguments or low vibe conversations.
    To sage your space, simply light the end of the smudge stick and blow the flames out until it is smoldering. Walk through your space, slowly waving the stick to spread the smoke in each room. I like to say a prayer to set intentions.”Cleanse this space and raise the vibrations, clear any  negativity”. Once I am finished, I open a window to release the extra smoke and clear the air.
  2. Write in your journal. We are exploring the concept of releasing deep emotions that are holding you back. They no longer serve you, and as you hold on to them, you become enslaved by them. Write:”I release the things that no longer serve me.” Speak this one aloud when possible.
    “I am ready to receive the blessings that are waiting for me.” Consider this a challenge!  Write THIS one on a post it note and leave it on your bathroom mirror all week.
    “I am [insert how you will feel when you are free of these burdens]” My personal favorite is, “I feel relieved and FREE”
  3. Light a Palo Santo stick (get some [amazon_link asins=’B00ZIX48CA’ template=’ProductLink-here’ store=’theoiltroop-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’239870bf-c259-11e7-b3f1-b5900f28e989′]). I like to think of the sage as the cleansing and the palo santo as the healing. This is the healing and sealing of the intentions you have set. Walk around your space, and allow the palo santo to do it’s work in the same manor that you used the sage stick.
  4. Get out and under the moon, preferably with your feet in the actual soil/grass. This is the time of the moon cycle where you can bathe in the most light. The light of the sun and the light of the moon set our cycles. Modern culture has us all huddled up indoors, staring at bright screens, and as a result, screwing up all matter of cycles.  Take a moment to get OUT. Sit and stare at the  moon. HOWL at it for extra credit.
  5. Spend some time free writing in your journal. Dump all the thoughts you are having with wild abandon. Get them out of your head and on to the paper without judgment. If you are afraid someone will read your thoughts, then burn the paper…. but GET the thoughts OUT.
  6. Remember that Full Moons are known for their effects on fertility. Estrogen is at it’s peak and the moon gives us extra energy. This is the time to put your energy where you want it to GROW. Whether that is a relationship, babies, a business, or a home project…. this is the time to get it together and ACT.
  7. Finally, take a epsom salt bath, or better yet, get in to a salt sensory tank and FLOAT. If you have questions about where to go to do that, or what companies I recommend, comment or contact me directly.





3 drops Elevation
2 drops Arise
2 drops Frankincense
1 Drop Melissa (or Lemongrass)
2 drops Bergamot
1 drop Hawaiian Sandalwood
1 drop Patchouli



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