Electrical Cosmic Energy calls for an ELECTRIC rollerball recipe!

Whether or not you pay attention to astrology, everyone can tell that the electrical charge js HIGH right now.

When the world feels like this- a few things are CRUCIAL-

  1. water intake
  2. electrolyte intake
  3. energy output (move the body, try to sweat)
  4. My “soul meets body” electrical systems BOOST rollerball
  5. get into nature or underwater


Patchouli has become instantly recognized by its heady scent, but what is often missing is the knowledge of why it is so alluring to the senses.

A member of the mint family, there is an inherent sweetness, but what pulls us in is the strong connection to the earth element. Patchouli is GROUNDING. Connecting us to our sturdy foundations. Like bare feet in moist soil, we become planted.

Use this oil daily, before meditation or yoga, when in nature (it was historically used as a bug repellent before the fragrance industry caught it up in its snares)

A great thing about patchouli (and a major reason it is used in perfumery) is that it is a fixative! It basically holds the other scents together better. So adding a drop of patchouli to every diffuser or rollerball blend will make it more of an aromatic experience ??


a queen- Magnolia is one of our precious floral oils. There are over 200 varieties of magnolia, but doTERRA’s Magnolia oil comes from Michelia x alba from SE Asia.  It has a fresh, floral & fruity aroma… like champagne or a sweet floral tea. 

Magnolia is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, and the the flower has been found in fossils that date it back to over 100 million years ago. In fact, scientists believe that the first flowers ever to bloom on earth looked like magnolia. Their firm leaves can support pollination via beetles (as bees didnt exist yet)

Using magnolia helps us to find our center, its ancient lineage asks us to reevaluate what we are connecting to- is it FOR us? or against us? We connect to spirit and are flexible- this is how we thrive.

To create a roller:

add 4ml of the Magnolia Touch

10drops patchouli

then fill with jojoba

Patchouli & Magnolia combine to create a synergistic heaven & earth energy- apply to all chakras and back of the neck. 

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