Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing


Dry Brushing is one of those techniques I learned about a long time ago and thought it was a basic way of exfoliating… Over the years it keeps popping back up into my awareness, so a few weeks ago, I bought myself a dry brush.


Now, I cannot give you a run through of lab test or anything confirming what it is doing for my body, but I can confirm that it makes me FEEL amazing and is improving my skin.

Why does this help the LIVER?


We are taking some of the workload OFF OF THE LIVER, and getting our circulation flowing in a healthy way. Any time we can get our blood and/or pumping- we are helping the liver do what it needs to do, better.

Most importantly- it UNCLOGS pores!!! When pores are chronically clogged, the liver and kidneys have to work overtime to detox our bodies and get rid of impurities.




There are a lot of blogs and websites and books out there on exactly how to do it and what meridians to make sure to brush. I will say this, I am positive that simply adding this in to your daily regimen will make a difference. I you want to get into the heavy techniques, that is all good!

Basic Steps


Get naked or into as little clothing as possible!
I like to stand in the shower to catch all the dry skin flaking off.
DO NOT turn on the water- this is DRY brushing 🙂
Brush your body gently and methodically,
stroking with the brush TOWARDS YOUR HEART.
It is important to at least be moving the lymph towards your heart.

I start with one leg, then do the other.
Then one arm and do the exact same on the other.
Then neck and back.
Next I dry brush the abdomen and chest/heart.

*be careful around the more sensitive areas, if it hurts- you are being too aggressive.
Dry brushing should be a tickle or light brushing, not a heavy exfoliation.



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