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Oh, yeah, You read that right. COFFEE. Listen, if you travel in the circles of the hippies, like I do… Coffee has a totally bad rap sheet. This is a LINK HEAVY POST- everything clickable leads to research or a compilation of research.

All the lies I have heard over the years about coffee really stack up (click the links to see the real research:

Have I given  up the coffee, no. I mean, occasionally I fall to the pressure and feel so guilty about coffee consumption that I switch to tea… but I always come back. I love coffee, and I see zero reason to give up something I love, especially given some of the recent and promising research on coffee.

Hope for the Coffee Lovers

In a recent study that included 2,424 people (a fun number that I take as an omen that this is a legit study :P), ages 45 and up, from Rotterdam in The Netherlands. There were ultrasounds and blood work and physical exams, along with a long interview process where they spilled the details of their coffee and tea intake.

Coffee consumption was significantly associated with less scarring of liver tissue, even when lifestyle and dietary factors were controlled for. BETTER YET, frequent consumption of both coffee and tea was associated with less liver stiffness.

The fun news, is that the liver stiffness was lower even when consumed in small amounts! This means you do not HAVE to pound down 4 cups of coffee to love your liver.

 The research team noted, “Previous studies have found a protective effect of coffee on established liver disease and we now show for the first time that this effect is already measurable in the general population,”

Too Good To Be True?

Yes, I am aware that this sample size is technically still a little small, and I am aware that the people in the Netherlands are superhuman and so it makes sense that they might assimilate the components of coffee to better their superhuman DNA.* However, what I like to take away from research like this, is that they didn’t see large amounts of DETRIMENTAL effects from coffee. In a sample size of 2,424… if coffee was as dangerous and as aggravating to the liver as some say it is- we would certainly have seen it show up.

It also doesn’t address the fact that maybe the LOVE people felt from the coffee and tea made their bodies stronger.

What CAN Coffee do that Helps Your Liver

Some of the previously known benefits to drinking coffee are:


What Makes Coffee NOT Good For Your Liver

It is the junk you put in the coffee that makes your liver a little angry.

  • Skip the sugar. Fructose is just as bad as alcohol for your liver! Opt for Manuka Honey if you NEED the sweetness.
  • Stop drinking coffee after 2pm. it is a stimulant, so you do not want it to mess with your sleep cycles- that would anger the liver
  • NEVER use artificial sweeteners or flavors.
  • Skip the fat free creamer/skim milk, low fat. You want full fat dairy, preferably from grass fed cows.
  • Get an unbleached filter or a reusable filter. Look into cold brew, single brew, etc.
  • Chemicals. See below.

Chemicals. The elephant in the proverbial room is the nastiest. specifically, PESTICIDES. Listen. I get it. Organic, Sustainable, Shade Grown coffee is not cheap, and I understand that it isn’t as available as some other options. But it matters the most if you are going to be drinking 1-4 cups of coffee per day.

Coffee is one of the crops that is sprayed the most. Coffee is supposed to grow in the shade, but in order to grow more crops faster, growers have clear cut the trees and spray the plants with chemicals.


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