Cleanse & Restore: PB ASSIST

this formula is suspended in a double-layer, enteric coated capsule and consists of 

-a pre-biotic fiber 

-six strains of probiotics

It supports gut bacteria to maintain peak function.

The probiotic and prebiotic cultures stop unfriendly bacteria by competing for nutrients necessary for growth 


by crowding them out as they compete for intestinal surface area. 

They also produce chemical by-products that create an intestinal environment in which “bad” microorganisms cannot flourish. 


– nourishes the gut after the cleanse!

-supports healthy digestive system

-boosts immune system

-increases absorption of food

-increases metabolism for optimal wellness

-supports mood balance

What bacteria strains? and why?

L. acidophilus:

-helps the body absorb nutrients 

-digest dairy foods 

-support the body’s immune system

-Studies have suggested the species plays a role in supporting vaginal and immune health

B. bifidum

-one of the most common probiotic found in your gut and has lived there since you were an infant

-Support digestion

-Support a healthy immune system

-Aids in lactose digestion

B. longum

-known for protecting your intestinal walls from harmful bacteria by helping your body break down proteins and carbohydrates like lactose

-brain health 

-Support digestion

-boosts a healthy immune system

-Relieve occasional constipation

-Support a healthy response to occasional stress

L. plantarum:

-a specific strain of this species has shown to produce antibodies that attack bad bacteria in your gut

is a pro at surviving the harsh journey of your gastrointestinal tract


-Support a healthy immune system

-Relieve occasional bloating and intestinal discomfort

L. caseii 


-anti-inflammatory effects

-mood stabilizer 

-helps with fatigue 

-digestive problems 



While the benefits of probiotics are well documented, MOST probiotic supplements cannot pass through stomach acid unharmed. 

The time-release, double-layer vegetable capsule used in PB Assist+ protects the probiotic cultures as they pass through the stomach so they can provide the digestive and immune support you need.

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