Cleanse & Restore: Lifelong Vitality & Cellular Health

Why vitamins?!

Essential Oils will not work unless your body has the metabolic ability to help the oils work. 

The oils will be great at symptom management. 

However, impaired metabolic function will require that you use more oils, more frequently. The goal is to be able to use the lowest amount of oils possible that will still be effective.

In order to do THAT, our bodies need micronutrient supplements to fill in the gaps that our modern diets have. 

doTERRA took the standard American diet and designed this pack to get us into the optimal nutritional zone without OVER supplementing. 

The reason we take the vitamins for 10 days before starting the heavy cleanse, is so that our body has all the building blocks it needs. 

Skipping that step can leave you nutritionally deficient and is one of the top reasons people get “the detox flu” when attempting random “detoxes.”

In under 15 minutes, I break down each component of the lifelong vitality pack and address some frequently asked questions! 

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