Cleanse & Restore: GX Assist

Now that you have taken the toxic load assessment , GX ASSIST is the next step!

Having a healthy digestive system is LIFE GIVING!!!!! . When the condition of the digestive system is not healthy- it can feel LIFE DRAINING!

The Essential Oils

GX Assist contains a blend of essential oils that improve microbial balance. The goal is to not only purify the digestive tract, but to help all other functions of the body being impacted move into a balanced state- so they can perform at their maximum potential.


The small intestine is a principal site of food digestion and absorption of nutrients. It has villi, or tiny projections that increase the surface area of the intestine, to maximize the absorption of nutrients. Taking Oregano EO was found to increase the height of these villi, in an experimental study. Over time, this could lead to better absorption of nutrients! Oregano essential oil was also found to increase the integrity of the intestinal barrier.


A recent study shows that Melaleuca robustly impacts our genes and the proteins that are part of our cellular makeup. The findings suggest that Melaleuca impacts various processes and functions in human cells, including tissue remodeling and metabolism. This is promising for it’s use in the way we experience it- SOOTHING. Possibly capable of even more!


Lemon may help gastric upset by reducing the erosion of the lining of your stomach and working as a protective agent! Lemon also contains d-limonene, which is known to help support your metabolism and cleanse your lymphatic glands.


Because of it’s unique chemical makeup, Lemongrass have many different strengths within the cleanse! It helps soothe our GI tract, balance bacteria growth, help with discomfort and lessen issues like diarrhea.


The reasons peppermint are included in the cleanse are MANY. From incredible soothing, balancing and stimulating properties- peppermint is often known as THE oil for any GI discomfort. It can help with constipation, diarrhea, inflammation, etc. In this preparation, peppermint is included for the promising effects on our intestines. Peppermint shows an ability to help the inflammation in our guts caused by viruses and stress. Especially useful in cases of IBS.


So, thyme is included for a lot of the same reasons oregano and melaleuca are- bacteria and other organism overgrowth. When the balance of life inside of our guts is out of whack- these oils are major players. Candida is on everyone mind when doing a cleanse- as this is the most often blamed overgrowth for a variety of ailments. The truth is that many things can grow to unhealthy levels- essential oils are intelligent enough to knock down what is not needed and help boost the good bacteria.

Caprylic Acid

Taking caprylic acid regularly may help to maintain the balance of microorganisms in the intestines by encouraging the growth of beneficial microflora. It is found naturally in Coconut Oil.

Taking it as part of a cleanse also helps to knock out unwanted overgrowth of candida overgrowth and helps keep bacteria and viruses in the gut in check.

Unlike strong medications or harsh cleanses that kill off lots of other bacteria and microorganisms- the way caprylic acid works is similar to the essential oils. Selectively supportive of what is heath promoting.

Balanced and diverse gut flora has been shown to support your immune function, boosts brain function, improves hormonal health, lowers risk for obesity, and lowers inflammations levels


Gx Assist can be taken at any time in life when you need extra assistance-from random GI issues to overindulgence.

Keep the GX handy!

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