Cleanse & Restore: Why We Need Digestive Enzymes

Description Enzymes are specialized proteins that function as catalysts in almost all cellular functions and chemical reactions throughout the body. play a critical role in: growth & healing  reproduction breathing thinking immune function hormone regulation detoxification digesting food nutrients   converting nutrients to energy in cells Enzymes can originate inside and outside the body.  Endogenous …

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Cleanse Checklist!

This is an excellent way to stay organized! Download and print this checklist. Post it in a HIGH TRAFFIC area of your house to help you remember! We are creating habits, and it is normal to forget. Plan ahead and be prepared.

It’s MAY! [video]

Welcome to MAY! Everything gets a little brighter as the temperatures climb and the sun shines! dōTERRA has packed this months promos with everything you need to boost that immune system and stay happy! Watch as I run you through everything you need to know to get excited about this 200PV promo!    


BREATH-WORK The lungs are the organ that bring so much Qi into the body. The Lung Meridian is a yin meridian and controls breath and energy. We see a lot of focus on breath work in yoga, meditation, labor and delivery, etc. IT is a well established fact that controlling our breath helps us to control our …

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