The Art of the DANCE


We are going to focus on the specific movement of dance, you can also count it as “exercise”… though, that isn’t the focus of why dancing is so good for your liver. We will discuss what exercise does in a separate post. For now, let’s focus on the art of dancing.



Self Love

We know now, from previous posts, that the liver loves love. Specifically, self-love and self-attention. Nothing says I love myself like moving your body to music you love. Dancing requires nothing but you and your heartbeat, if you want to get technical. Humans have that unique ability to replay music in our imaginations, conjuring up all sorts of memories.

If you close your eyes right now and take a few centering breaths, can you call to mind your favorite song. Can you sing it to yourself in your head. Can you dance to it?

This is just the kind of thing our liver really likes. Pure self enjoyment.


Mood Enhancement

Have you ever danced angry? I have. The dancing melts that anger away, or at least RELEASES it, every time… even if I am dancing to angry music! The truth is, dancing is excellent at improving our mood. It releases endorphins, gets energy moving in your body and to your brain, clears the mind of mental chatter, and lowers stress levels.

Dancing lowers cortisol! Dancing boosts your immune system!

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